Ron Freeman, California

I’m a visionary artist who is inspired by working with psychedelic plant medicine and Mother Earth energy. I often work with the spirits of Ayahuasca, Salvia, Sapito (5-meo DMT) Ganja, Mugwort and Native Tobacco.

I’m inspired to create artistic expressions of what I see during my shamanic journeys.
I’m a student of shamanism, my passion is to help in the healing of humanity. To remind humanity of their original connection to our beloved Mother Earth. To share the love through my artwork.

I was taught how to create my artwork directly from the plants. I have no art school education. The plants are my teachers. They show me what to make then I simply make what I see and add in any artistic inspiration that I feel is needed.

My goal is to send a message through my art to the viewer’s inner spirit. To speak to them in a “light language” which surpasses the ego and the languages of society and to assist in their awakening.


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