Sven's Accamaṟṟa ("Fearless")

Product image 1Sven's Accamaṟṟa ("Fearless")
Product image 2Sven's Accamaṟṟa ("Fearless")
Product image 3Sven's Accamaṟṟa ("Fearless")
Product image 4Sven's Accamaṟṟa ("Fearless")
Product image 5Sven's Accamaṟṟa ("Fearless")
Product image 6Sven's Accamaṟṟa ("Fearless")
Product image 7Sven's Accamaṟṟa ("Fearless")
Product image 8Sven's Accamaṟṟa ("Fearless")
Product image 9Sven's Accamaṟṟa ("Fearless")
Product image 10Sven's Accamaṟṟa ("Fearless")

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Untampered Ancient Language: Tamil

Meaning: Fearless

If I can inspire someone and give support on their soulpath through my art, It supports fulfilling my own path of the soul as we expand together as one ~

I create Cymatics (the visual image of a frequency) as a foundation, in conjunction with using Magnetic tools, Conductive Elements, Incenses, Entheonic PowerPlants etc. When under the strong influence of the vines I paint Intuitively in synthesized with untampered Ancient Languages, Phi geometry and the script of the trees, It feels as if I become the painting when I use all these methods with a multitude of Shamanic practices to open up my 1st Eye and see what Neter/Nature Really shows what should be written in a Balanced flow, Binding the Inner Octave PlantCosmos and so all Fractalic Illusions implode so that Synergy Chi/Qi cycles through our Chakra systems/Morphogenetic/Auric field as these paintings are portals I have become aware they are Keys of Perception it seems, the key that unlocks the treasure within Our Infinite Akasha~ Make the body remember what it is and what it is capable of which is Infinitely Limitless Potential! ~

This artwork is mathematically correct in Phi ratio ~

This poster has a partly glossy, partly matte finish and it'll add a touch of sophistication to any room.

• 10 mil thick
• Slightly glossy
• Fingerprint resistant
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